GLBTI community consultations – Bisexual health & wellbeing

For February 2014, our regular Melbourne discussion group has been moved to another venue (Feb 2014 only) to incorporate the GLBTI community consultations – Bisexual health & wellbeing, organised by the Department of Health.

The Victorian Department of Health is undertaking targeted consultation with the Victorian gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) community and health sector in order to better understand the health and wellbeing issues experienced by the GLBTI community. The Victorian Government acknowledges that while many GLBTI people live healthy, connected, happy and positive lives, the GLBTI population is known to have significantly poorer health and wellbeing outcomes than other Victorians across a number of areas.

This consultation process will inform the development of a health and wellbeing plan for the GLBTI community, which is proposed in the Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-2022. The GLBTI Health and Wellbeing Ministerial Advisory Committee, established in early 2013, has been working with the Department as an expert advisory group and has informed the consultation approach and the development of the consultation material. The plan will focus on those responsibilities of the Minister for Health and Ageing and the Minister for Mental Health, namely the health, aged care, mental health and drug services portfolios

In addition to the general community forums, the Department would like to consult separately with the bisexual community. As such, you’re invited to attend a meeting to discuss the health and wellbeing issues specific to the bisexual community:

Tuesday 25 February 2014
6pm – 8pm
Mark St Hall, 1 Mark St, North Fitzroy

This meeting will be conducted by a professional facilitator and is strictly an RSVP only event. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to GLBTIconsultations[at]health[dot]vic[dot]gov[dot]au with BISEXUAL CONSULTATION MEETING in the subject line by close of business Thursday 20th February. Don’t forget to advise of any dietary requirements.

The website supporting this process is at The site will have consultation material for your review and instructions on how to submit written feedback should you be unable to attend the scheduled meeting.

Please feel free to contact Georgie Foster, Senior Policy Adviser, GLBTI Health, on (03) 9096 9023 or GLBTIconsultations @ (remove spaces) for further information about this process.

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