Melbourne Pride March 2011

The Bisexual Alliance banner at Melbourne Pride March 2011

Our new banner proudly on display.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made our first appearance at Pride March such a huge success. I didn’t do a head count, but including some members who floated back and forth between Bi-Alliance and PolyVic (who were marching right in front of us) we had something like 20 people in our contingent, and our friends in PolyVic had similar numbers. Between the two groups we formed a big happy block of bright colours and big smiles.

It wasn’t absolutely perfect – there was one audible biphobic comment (“Make a decision!”) and a rather angry religious zealot who was shouting at everyone equally – but for the most part we were greeted warmly and enthusiastically, with comments from the crowd including “Bi Alliance! That’s _my_ alliance!” and “I love bisexuals!” So, despite the minor negative points, it was a really positive, uplifting, and fun experience.

Thanks everyone for being part of a great afternoon.

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