Events in January and February 2014

*EDIT* Someone has emailed the committee, but didn’t provide an email address asking if they are able to attend the picnic.  The picnic is open to everyone who is bi friendly and poly friendly.  If you’re in Melbourne and want to come along, please do. */EDIT*

I just thought I’d post a reminder of all the exciting things that are happening over the next few weeks. This is going to be a long post (my apologies) but worth it for all the great stuff happening.

First up is the Annual Bi/Poly Picnic:

These annual picnics are always heaps of fun, as well as being a low-key way to introduce yourself to the communities if you haven’t already. We’ve been there in all weathers and the fabulous company (not to mention the awesome food!) always generates a superb day. So don’t miss it!

The location this year is the same as last year and is accessible for people of all abilities as well as for public transport.

BYO: Everything! Food & drinks to share, picnic rugs or chairs, outdoor games, soft toys, a sense of fun and community

DATE: 11th January 2015

TIME: 12:00 til dusk

LOCATION: Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill (Melbourne).

For our location within the park see link below…

Also on this day we want to invite everyone who is coming to Pride March on 1 February and planning to march with the Bi-Alliance to bring along a T-shirt for painting with a Bi-Pride message. We have fabric paints in blue, pink and purple, and black and white. You will also need to bring along a piece of cardboard to fit in your T-shirt to avoid the paint leaking through your shirt.

Next we’ll be at is Midsumma Carnival – 18 January 2015

Bi-Allliance will be sharing a presence with the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. Carnival will be held at the Alexandra Gardens from 11am.

And then there is the January Melbourne Bi Chat on 27 January 2015 at our usual venue and the usual time – just after a long weekend.

Pride March is on 1 February 2015

The march order hasn’t been released yet. We aim to again borrow the The American Bisexuality Institute’s mid-sized bi-flag (it’s still pretty big) for us to march with this year. We need lots of people to come along and help us carry the bi flag for the duration of the march. So the details:

WHERE: In the park on the corner of Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive, St Kilda.

WHEN: Meet from midday onward and share a picnic on the grass, then march at 2pm

WEAR: The decorated shirts from the picnic if you were able to attend, otherwise something purple

BRING: Sun protection is a must (sunscreen, hat, parasol, etc.), and optionally something to share at the picnic (but please don’t feel obliged!)

Remember we’ll be picking up everything and marching, so resist the temptation to bring anything big and bulky, like folding chairs or sun sails, unless they are _very_ portable.

I’ve probably missed a few events, so feel free to add any events that you’ll be attending as part of Midsumma, or other events that you think that people might be interested in, in the comments and I’ll amend this post as appropriate.

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