Announcement regarding the Victorian Government’s LGBTI Taskforce

The Bi-Alliance was disappointed today to discover that only two known representatives of Victoria’s Bisexual Community are included in the State Government’s LGBTI Taskforce ( President Rebecca Dominguez has been selected for the Health and Human Services Working Group and Treasurer Sally Goldner has been selected for the Justice Working Group.  While both are pleased to be selected, they remained concerned that the Bisexual Community has insufficient representation in the Taskforce.

The Bi-Alliance is concerned that there is no bisexual representation at the Whole of Government LGBTI Taskforce, though we congratulate the allies who have been appointed.

The Bi-Alliance is also concerned that Sally Goldner will be playing at least a dual role, representing both the Bisexual and Trans Communities, and as a result will face additional workload.

Bisexuals, along with trans and gender diverse people, face worse mental health and physical health outcomes than members of the gay and lesbian communities, and it will be harder for us to have our voice heard without adequate representation. We look forward to ensuring that addressing inequity within LGBTI communities is a priority for the taskforce and working groups.

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