Pride March theme survey


Poll has closed and the results were as follows:

Embracing all of the rainbow    26.70%
Diversity under the rainbow     26.70%
Pride for all                   13.30%
Proud, Strong, Together         13.30%
Somewhere under the rainbow     13.30%
Live, love Be                    6.70%
Strength thought unity           0.00%
Embrace the rainbow              0.00%
Unity and more                   0.00%
Forward together                 0.00%
Rightfully proud                 0.00%

Given the ties the committee sent on the top five choices to Pride March Victoria for consideration.

Greetings all,

In response to the discussions regarding the discriminatory comments that the bi group has been receiving each time they’ve participated in Pride March, Bisexual Alliance Victoria have been offered the opportunity to provide three Pride March themes for consideration. These suggestions will be offered to Pride March Victoria for possible consideration at the Interpride conference.

The themes were collected on lists during the past week.

This is your opportunity to have a say!

The survey will be open until Saturday 28 May, the results will be published on the lists within the following week.

Voting for your Pride March theme will take but a couple of seconds…


(Bisexual Alliance Victoria committee member)

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