Celebrate Bisexuality Dinner

Update: Details now confirmed. Please see below.

23 September is International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, an occasion for bisexuals to stand up and celebrate who they are. It’s an opportunity to fight the prejudice, denial, and erasure directed at us by some sectors of the community.

As we did last year, we are celebrating with a dinner. We are still confirming details, but the venue will probably be the same as last year, the Great Northern Hotel on Rathdowne Street, Carlton North. Please check back closer to the date for a confirmation of the venue and time, and any other pertinent details.

The Great Northern Hotel on Rathdowne Street in Carlton North is indeed our venue. We have a booking for 25-or-so at 7pm, and because of the size of our gathering we may get to use the private dining room.

We have already made the booking, but if you RSVP as soon as you can we will talk to the venue about increasing the numbers. We’d hate for anyone to miss out!

Update 2: We are in the private dining room. Look for the pink, purple, and blue bi pride flag!

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