Research article on positive aspects of being bi

Researchers asked people who identify as bi about the positive aspects of this identification for them. The article was published in Psychology and Sexuality (2010, Volume 1, Issue 2) and can be accessed for free. The abstract is as follows:

“Bisexual clients (Page, 2007) and lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB)-affirmative therapists (Godfrey, Haddock, Fisher, & Lund, 2006) agree that facilitating a positive identity is one of the most important therapeutic tasks. However, the task of achieving a positive identity may be particularly challenging for bisexual-identified individuals (Rust, 2002). To assist in this effort, the authors conducted an online survey that asked bisexual-identified individuals to respond to an open-ended question about the positive aspects of bisexual identity. Findings from an international sample of 157 adult participants (age 18–69; 67% female; 25% Canadian; 19% British; 51% American; 5% other) revealed 11 positive identity aspects: freedom from social labels, honesty and authenticity, having a unique perspective, increased levels of insight and awareness, freedom to love without regard for sex/gender, freedom to explore relationships, freedom of sexual expression, acceptance of diversity, belonging to a community, understanding privilege and oppression and becoming an advocate/activist. Each of these positive aspects is illustrated with quotes from participants. The authors offer suggestions for incorporating these findings in bisexual-affirmative counselling and therapy.”

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