Concern over link between bisexuality and paedophilia

This article, published in Melbourne Community Voice, reports on concerns regarding an opinion piece that appeared in the Herald-Sun (Victoria) on 12 October that referred to the Catholic Church covering up an “infestation of bisexual paedophiles”.

Attempts by Bisexual Alliance Victoria to request that the author of the Herald-Sun piece withdraw the reference to bisexual be withdrawn were met with hostility.  We have since put out a press statement, as follows:


Melbourne, Victoria.  17 October 2012 – Bisexual Alliance Victoria has called for an immediate and unconditional apology and correction from the Herald-Sun after an article “Tears in Heaven, Priests in Hell” (Friday 12/10/12) singled out “an infestation of bisexual paedophiles.” [our emphasis]

The Bisexual Alliance Victoria unconditionally condemns the abuse of children and joins the calls to end child abuse in all forms.

“We equally and unconditionally reject the linkage of such abuse to any one particular consensual and lawful sexual orientation. Such an approach is unhelpful, in particular to victims of such abuse. We have seen the damage caused to gay men by such irrational and emotive attitudes in the past and to simply attempt to shift the blame from one group to another (bisexuals) is equally as unhelpful.  Mr Howe’s choice to link the words “bisexual” and “paedophile” implies that paedophiles identify as bisexual, a claim that does not appear to be supported by research findings to date. We consider the usage of this phrase to be factually incorrect and a vilification of bisexuals in general,”  said the President of the Alliance, Mr James Dominguez.

The Bisexual Alliance also rejects as “totally unnecessary” the aggressive responses by the Herald-Sun Executive Editor, Mr Howe, to polite enquiries about this issue.

“The overwhelming evidence on abuse is that paedophiles are attracted to children regardless of their gender and therefore linkage to other factors is extremely inaccurate.  We look forward to quick ending to this situation by the receipt of an unconditional apology of the unnecessary use of the word bisexual,” concluded Mr Dominguez.

Contact: James Dominguez (President)
mob: 0407 823 025    email:

Alan Howe, “Tears in Heaven, Priests in Hell”. Herald Sun, 12 October 2012

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Download the .pdf version of this media release.


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