Exciting new Kickstarter campaign for alternative sexualities

COMIC STRIP: 1) WHAT IT IS IS THIS: / 2) To claim that someone's sexual identity doesn't exist... (Character says, "It's a myth!") / 3) ...is just like saying... (Character says, "Lamps aren't real!" Lamp looks hurt and says, "Hey!:) / 4) Character says, "Tacos are imaginary!" / 5) Picture of a taco with a face, looking surprised. / 6) Same taco looks angry and says, "Fuck you lady."

A sample comic from the collection Anything That Loves by Northwest Press.

A queer publishing house in Seattle, USA called Northwest Press is running a Kickstarter to publish a collection of comic strips based around sexualities outside the gay/straight/male/female paradigm. Called Anything That Loves, it will contain short humorous gag strips, autobiographical stories, and lots of other types of narratives, all centred around bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and genderqueer characters, as well as others who are neither gay or straight.

The campaign has already exceeded its goal, so it’s definitely going ahead, but the publisher has announced a rather cool series of special events at higher funding levels (called stretch goals in Kickstarter-speak). While each of the cartoonists featured in the collection agreed to donate their work for free, as the campaign reaches higher funding goals, the artists will be paid for their work – a little at first, and then more as higher levels are attained.

Minimum pledge of US$10 gets a digital eBook version of the book, and US$30 plus postage gets a physical copy. Pledging more will also snag you some cool extra rewards, such as other books about bisexual and transgender characters from Northwest Press. Please spread the word, and consider pledging a few of your own dollars to the cause.

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