Call out for contributions

We are is interested in contributions for the Bi-Alliance website as we believe these could help enrich awareness and understanding of bisexuality. So we’re interested in hearing from people who:

  • identify as bi,
  • is a partner of someone who identifies as bi, or
  • is friend/family member of someone who identifies as bi.

Some ideas for contributions:

  • Why does someone need to proclaim they are bisexual when they are in a monogamous life long relationship?
  • Experiences of coming out to others and/or oneself.
  • Experiences of partner, friends or family of having someone coming out as bi.

Other topics relevant to bisexuality might also be considered, so please feel free to contact us.

We can offer contributors the option of using a pseudonym if you are not comfortable publishing under your own (most likely first) name. Please also note that we would reserve discretion for publishing (due to volume or appropriateness) and may need to edit for publication. Any of these matters would be discussed with the contributor, but we would have the final say, given that we are responsible for the website. Also, please note that, as we run on meager funds, we cannot offer any money to authors.

So if you have an idea, questions or would like to send us some content, please contact us.

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