Why bisexuals don’t come out

Some of you might find yourself sadly nodding when you read through this article on why bisexuals are less likely to be out of the closet. It seems that, alas, the experience of being bi is tough anywhere. With Australian research similarly finding that bi folk are much less likely to be out than gay or lesbian.

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1 Response to Why bisexuals don’t come out

  1. Michelle says:

    Recently I filled in a survey at work about working at that company. It asked my sexual orientation. I got stuck on this question. Ofcourse they had all the preferences there. But what if they realise from other questions that it’s me? My workplace is a hive of immature gossip. I ended up lying. This one stupid question on a survey is tearing me up inside. I know what I am, I’m Bisexual and I’m comfortable with that inside and with my husband but I’m stuck in that closet still.
    As kid a had boyfriends. Then when I was 14 I got the guts to tell my parents I thought I might be gay. They told me it was just a phase. I felt embarrassed and not taken seriously because I’m a kid..

    It was so hard to get any support or meet anyone I could tell. I never actually experienced being with another girl.

    Long story short I got married to a man. Don’t get me wrong, I am happily married. My husband is so loving and supportive that he encourages me to pursue other women. And not just so he can watch or whatever.

    But who can I tell? I have adolescent kids so it’s has to be private. I can’t tell friends because they would think our marriage is doomed and I must be unfaithful. I can’t go to a gay bar and meet a lesbian because apparently bisexual is frowned upon. So it has to be seedy adult website, chats, awkward meetings and shag. Or worse a swingers party. Neither are my scene. But if you can’t be open in your everyday life about your sexuality then what else is out there?bisexuality is fun when it’s working but a curse because I’m constantly hiding myself.

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