A discussion of the term ‘biphobia’

As mentioned in a previous post, Bi: Notes for a bisexual revolution has recently been published. An excerpt that covers the controversy regarding the term biphobia. As Eisner says:

“A term much-feared and slightly frowned upon, biphobia has often been dismissed even by the most avid bisexual scholars and activists. Some insinuate that bisexuals don’t actually suffer oppression that is separate from homophobia or lesbophobia. In fact, very often, simply raising the issue of biphobia (in any setting) is perceived as an affront to gay and lesbian politics and is ridiculed, often with the ubiquitous ‘bisexuals are privileged’ argument.”

In this excerpt Eisner goes on to to discuss and provide some criticism on how this term has been used and the focus of the examples often provided, before concluding that the term ‘monosexism’ could be used to better reflect the structures of oppression coming from all who identify as monosexual. The complete excerpt is available here.

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