BiChat: Being Bi in the Queer Community

#BiChat is a regular twitter chat hosted by  BiAllianceVic and we’ll start posting questions at 6pm AEST on the 8th of September. This month we’re talking about being bi in the queer community!

Our questions will be:

Q0. Introduce yourself!

Q1. What does bi inclusion mean to you?

Q2. How is the biphobia we face from other queer people different from biphobia from cis straight people? How is it the same?

Q3. How do you deal with biphobia from other queer people?

Q4. What can other queer groups/people do to be more supportive of bi people?

Q5. What can cis straight everyone do to support bi people?

When you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #BiChat”.

If your tweets contain graphic or triggering content, please include appropriate specific content warnings.

Remember to use the #BiChat hashtag when you tweet so others can follow the discussion! Please write #BiChat with capital letters for each word instead of #bichat because capitalising each word in a hashtag makes it easier to read and we want our online spaces to be accessible.

You can see the whole discussion by following the #BiChat hashtag (or searching it), and setting the page to ‘Latest’.

Looking forward to talking with you!

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