Coming Out to Myself

Coming out to myself

Mary reflects on: coming out to myself as bisexual.

I found it extremely difficult to initially come to myself as Bi. I felt a lot of guilt and shame, particularly because I am in a long term relationship with a man I love and desire. I had heaps of negative self talk in my head like ‘how could you be feeling like this when you have a husband who loves you, why can’t you be satisfied with what you’ve got, why are looking at women, and so on’. On and on it went and it felt very debilitating.

Coming out to myself and accepting my bisexuality has changed everything. My head feels clearer and my fantasy life is fantastic (I’ve always had a vivid imagination).  I have put the critical head voices to bed (most of the time anyway). Listening to other people’s experiences at the bi chats has also certainly helped in this process, so I’d encourage others if comfortable, to do the same.

Received 5 June 2013

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