Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc. is a non-profit volunteer-run organisation dedicated to promoting the acceptance of bisexuals*  in LGBTI and mainstream society, providing a fun, safe space where bisexuals can meet, make friends, and talk about their experiences, and informing the bisexual community about relevant news and opportunities for activism.

We have been running monthly discussion and support groups under various banners since September 2005. We also arrange occasional social events; please check out to the news (home) page to see when these are coming up. You can download a copy of the Bi-Alliance Flyer to share and print, or you can request a print copy via email.

Financial membership is encouraged but not mandatory. The fee goes towards costs such as printing our flyers and hosting this website as well as enabling us to attend events where we can raise bivisibility and let more people know of our Bi Chats. The greater our membership the more work we can do!

Please take a moment to read the Rules. If you are interested in joining, please complete the application form on page 15, and either send a scanned copy to sec@bi-alliance.org or hand it to a committee member at one of our events.

You may also note that we now have the option of ‘family membership’. Family membership includes “two or more natural persons who regard themselves as a family
and are unanimously determined by the committee to be a family member. A family
member is entitled to two votes.” (Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc. Rules of Association, Section 5.3(c))

Fee Schedule

Membership type 1 year 5 years
Individual $15 $60
Family $30 $120

Money can be paid:

  • At one of the discussion groups, just speak with Rebecca (President) James (Vice President), or Sally (Treasurer)
  • You can join or renew with our Registernow online system.
    If it is the first time you have used the system you can join (if you were a member previously but have not paid online go here the first time)
    If you have used to previously you can use renew
  • By EFT, cheque or money order. Further details are available from trezh@bi-alliance.org

Please contact sec@bi-alliance.org if you any questions or need any assistance.

For any enquiries, please use the following contacts:

You can also make a donation to support our work via RegisterNow. Just click on the button ‘Make a Donation’, and then follow the directions on the opening page to pay either via credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Donations can be a one off or recurring payment. (Please note that donations are not tax deductible.) All donations will be gratefully received, thanks!

We are very happy to respond to media inquires and speak at LGBTI- related events, too!

* Bi Alliance uses the term ‘bisexual’ to refer to someone who experiences attraction (one or more of the following kinds: sexual, romantic, emotional, or affection) to more than one gender. We believe that it is important for individuals to choose their own label, if they wish to have one at all.