By the Bi: Experiences of Bisexuality

This page gives individuals a voice on their experience of bisexuality*, or to provide some insights into this orientation. The stories here have been written by those:

  • who identify as bisexual
  • is a partner of someone who identifies as bisexual
  • is a friend or family member of someone who identifies as bisexual

Anyone is welcome to email us with a story about their experience about bisexuality, so long as the main focus relates to this topic.

Stuck on what to write? Suggested topics are:

  • Why does someone need to proclaim they are bisexual when they are in a monogamous life long relationship?
  • Experiences of coming out to others and/or oneself.
  • Experiences of partner, friends or family of having someone coming out as bi.

Please don’t see this as the only topics you can right about, however. So long as the story is relates in some way to an experience of bisexuality, we’re interested! Short fictional stories (up to 1000 words) are also welcome.

We will endeavour to post all stories pertinent to experiences about bisexuality, though we may suggest a couple of changes here or there, such as removing profanities. That said, ownership of the material submitted remains with the author. Please contact us any time if you would like to have your material removed. If you’re concerned about publishing something with your first name, we’re happy for you to use a pseudonym.

You will find the stories listed in the drop-down menus (located under By the Bi title when you put your mouse over it). These have been sorted into fiction and non fiction, each with the most recently received story listed at the top.

* Bi-Alliance uses the term ‘bisexual’ to refer to someone who experiences attraction (one or more of the following kinds: sexual, romantic, emotional, or affection) to more than one gender. We believe that it is important for individuals to choose their own label, if they wish to have one at all.


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