By the Bi: Experiences of Bisexuality

By the Bi is a collection of personal stories and essays by bi people. 

If you’re bi and would like to submit a story or essay about your experiences email Selected pieces will be edited for clarity and accessibility if needed. You own whatever you write and the final approval of your piece is up to you.

Stuck on what to write? Suggested topics are:

  • What does being bi mean to you?
  • Experiences of coming out to others and/or oneself.
  • How does being bi relate to other aspects of your life or identity?

Please don’t see this as the only topics you can right about, however. So long as the piece is relates in some way to an experience of bisexuality, we’re interested!

Coming Out to My Family 

Coming Out to Myself  

Coming Out to Myself and My Wife 

Identifying as Bisexual When in a Monogamous Relationship 

No Longer a Bi-Stander  

Selectively Out  

Why Tell Anyone? 


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