Selectively out

The author, who requested to be known as ‘anonymous’, reflects on her experience of being bi and selectively out.

I am a religious girl and I am bisexual. I told another girl I met through Sunday school and her response was:
“But, that’s a sin?”
And I said, “Is it?”
In return she said, “Your parents would hate you if they found out, why would you choose to be a sin?”
And I responded with, “Why would I choose to be something they hate?”
I am currently in the closet, only telling my friends because these days ignorance is less and less among my generation.
However, the older generation, my parents included,
Are pretty against these things.
And even now I still think what I said:
Why would I choose to be something they hate?
I didn’t choose.

Received 7 July 2013