Coming out to my family

Lauren shares the different responses from her family she received when she came out as bi.

I can’t really repeat what my dad said when I attempted to come out to him. Between my brother and I we’d managed to explain bisexuality pretty well. Unfortunately, he’d been drinking and so dismissed the notion with a single profanity and a stupid smile. Whether it was the concept of attraction being non-binary, or just me being bi myself that he was deriding, I never figured out. Instead I walked out as gracefully as I could manage.

My mum listened very patiently and then said, ‘I don’t think you’re programmed that way.’ I was sixteen at the time and very sure that my sexuality wasn’t a matter of programming, but I didn’t know how to tell her she was wrong.

My brother accepted me exactly the way I was and although we’ve fought over many other things over the years, we have always respected one another’s sexuality and relationships.

And my grandmother’s response was, ‘I think every woman’s a little bit lesbian,’ which gave me a much-needed giggle.

Received 7 July 2013